Frequently Asked Questions
  • * What is the Supplier Portal?
    The GMR Supplier Portal is GMR's single point of entry for GMR Suppliers and Business partners to upload invoices and check payment status.
  • * Who can access it?
    Anyone who has access to the public internet can access the GMR Supplier portal public pages. To view GMR secure data specific to your company you must complete a Supplier Portal Internet Authentication agreement with GMR. The portal offers the ability to register and sign-in to secure pages using User ID and password.
  • Can anyone add a user?
    No, only administrators can.
  • Can I submit an invoice without a purchase order?
    If you were not given a PO (purchase order) from GMR, you should be able to submit an invoice without it, if you have any questions please use the support link to submit a support request.
  • Can I submit and Invoice without a Purchase Order?
    The system is setup to allow invoices without PO based on your account.
  • Can I submit more than one invoice for the same PO?
  • How do I become an approved vendor or supplier for GMR?
    Please use the contact us form
  • How do I submit an invoice?
    From the Invoice page, click on "Click here to Submit an Invoice", enter invoice number, select invoice date, enter invoice amount, select company name if more than one, click on choose file and select the invoice(PDF) to upload, select the Purchase Order (if multiple company names are showing make sure you select the correct company name as PO (purchase order) are displayed by company selected) for that invoice and click "Submit Invoice"
  • I'm a GMR Supplier Portal user, where do I submit an issue for an application on the Supplier Portal?
    Click on the Support link and fill out the form, the appropriate department will reach out to you to resolve the issue.
  • The phone number or company name on my profile is incorrect. How can I get it updated?
    Click on Admin link, on the left menu click information change, once done editing click on the save button. Only Administrators will have the ADMIN link.
  • The Purchase Order that I have is not on the list, what should I do?
    Please Contact the person that placed the order.
  • What browser versions are supported?
    The GMR Supplier Portal currently supports IE 10+ and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other WebKit based browsers.
  • What if I cannot select the PO that I was given?
    Contact the person who placed the order.
  • What if the system says my invoice is already submitted?
    Please check that the info entered is correct; if you receive the same message, please contact support using the support form.